Sunday, July 17, 2022

Chicago, IL: Ozinga South Chicago Terminal


Gary Clark posted
Herbert C. Jackson visited South Chicago today (Ozinga dock) with a cargo of stone from Meldrum Bay, Ontario. It's been a long time since I've seen the Herb Superb around here.
[Does Ozinga buy dolostone from Lafarge's quarry?]

The dome on the left would be for storing the cement. And we can see various piles of aggregates created by the self-unloading freighters. I don't know what is stored in the long brownish building.
Street View

This photo that was uploaded for this location is really for their location in Joliet that handles barges. I recognize the I-80 bridges in the background.
Photo, Jan 2020

Nick Hart posted
With a load of stone for Ozinga, Interlake's Herbert C. Jackson is seen making way through 92nd/Ewing on the Calumet River. July 9th, 2022

Gary Clark posted
Algoma Central Marine’s John D. Leitch was found unloading salt this fine morning. We’re at the Ozinga dock in South Chicago.


  1. I think that Ozinga/Buzzi site in Joliet is where the grain elevator used to be. I believe it blew up in the 1980s.

  2. Are they getting this stone from Canada due to the strike with the local quarries, or do they regularly get their stone from Canada?