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EasyMax Freighter Class by Royal Wagenborg (Maxima)

Until recently, if you saw a pilothouse on the bow of a freighter you knew it was an old freighter. The pilothouse and living quarters were moved to the rear end of a freighter many decades ago. 
Dennis DeBruler commented on Brad's share below
I checked out the Royal Wagenborg link to confirm that they have moved the pilothouse back to the bow.

Examples of the old freighters that had the pilothouse on the bow are now rather rare.
David Schauer posted via Arthur M Anderson

They will convert the old ships from steam to diesel and add self-unloaders to them, but they leave the pilothouse on the bow.
Gary Skory via Mackinac Bridge
 The Arthur M Anderson passing westward.

And here is an example of a contemporary freighter. 
David Schauer posted via Dennis DeBruler
[If you look at the photos in those notes you would think that freighters with the pilothouse on the bow are more common that modern freighters. That frequency of occurrence is because they are so rare that ship fans make a point of taking photos of them when they are in town.]

This was the post that alerted me that there is a new ship design on the open seas. When I spotted a big structure on the bow of this freighter, I did some more research. That is when I found the photo at the top of these notes.
Brad Wood Photography posted
The Maxima entering Lake Erie with the Pilot Boat, from the Welland Canal at Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada last night, close to midnight.  She is on her maiden voyage through the Great Lakes.  She is dubbed the "greenest multipurpose vessel in her class". It has superior fuel efficiency and an oversized cargo hold for her dimensions. Her efficient engine and aerodynamic hull results in a 60% CO2 emissions, compared to her peers!  She is also designed to operate in difficult ice conditions.  Sailing under the flag of the Netherlands for Royal Wagenborg, she certainly brings a new modern look to the Great Lakes! A big welcome Maxima and her crew, I hope that we see more of you!
Brad Wood Photography shared

In June 2022, they started construction of the third EasyMax "multi-purpose vessel with a cargo capacity of 14,000 tons."

One advantage of a new ship design is that the ship fans make an effort to take photos of it.

Daniel Angulo posted
[Interesting, a Salty has a bow thruster.]

Wayne Huggins posted ten photos with the comment: "Maxima entering the Welland Canal at lock 1 and proceeding into the lock July 16th 2022."
Bruno Puntz Jones: When I posted recently about Fraserborg I asked if anyone thought we’d ever see a new build forward-pilothouse ship on the lakes and the answer was a resounding nope, never gonna happen. So happy we’re getting to see one after all.
Steve Waller: Bruno Puntz Jones I wonder if folks thought that you meant a laker rather than a salty. Couldn't find your post to see what was said. I've been hoping that Egbert would visit for 4-5 years now. Glad to see all the pics of Maxima.










They do emphasis being able to handle "difficult ice conditions." Note the cover crane parked behind the pilot house. 

When they are unloading small cargo, they don't have to move the covers very far. Note the coil of steel being unloaded above the right edge of the covers. This is an older design that still has the pilothouse at the rear.
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A close up of the cover crane, some covers and a steel coil.
Bruno Puntz Jones video

This video of the first ship of the class explains some of the design features. The rear hold in this screenshot confirms that the 100% coverage with covers allow them to completely open up a hold for loading and unloading. And I think it shows that they store the covers from hold on top the covers of the other hold.
3:36 video @ 0:59 (source)

Aug 7, 2022: Chris Mazzella posted two photos with the comment: "Maxima anchored off Duluth, waiting for the Iryda to finish loading at Gavilon in Superior."
John Belliveau: How many days have they been there now?
Chris Mazzella: 2 weeks I think. Iryda looked to be almost loaded this morning.
Steve Waller: John Belliveau According to Boatnerd she was in Lake Superior on July 29, and in the Duluth anchorage on July 30.


Jim Slater commented on Chris' post, cropped
She has been anchored there since a week ago Saturday. [Aug 7 was a Sunday.]

Rich Pedersen posted
The Iryda was still docked at Gavilon in Superior this afternoon as sailboats made good use of the wind. 8/7/22
Rich Pedersen shared

David Schauer posted
After waiting at anchor in the lake for over a week, the ocean vessel Maxima finally entered port early this morning to load at the Gavilon elevator in Superior. 8/8/2022
John West: Beautiful photo and you captured the Ryerson in the background.
Craig Stevens: What are they loading, wheat?
David Schauer: Craig Stevens Sugar beet pulp (animal feed).

You can tell this is the first visit to the Twin Ports by a new ship design, it really brings out the ship fans.
Rich Pedersen posted
The Maxima loading at the Gavilon elevator in Superior during sunset last evening as a couple of fishermen try their luck off Park Point. 8/8/22
[It looks like all of the covers have been put back in place.]

Paul Scinocca posted
Maxima loading Beet Pulp Pellets at the Gavilon Elevator in Superior this Tuesday late afternoon. Took a detour on the way out of the office.....
Joshua Hebeisen: I’d tell you to get back to work, but I want more of these awesome shots… 😜
Paul Scinocca: Joshua Hebeisen 😂
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David Bronson: Susan Lukaszewski, feed. For dairy cows. And a dog food ingredient. A very highly-digestible source of fiber, and a good non-starch source of energy.
Paul Scinocca shared

Schauer Photo Images posted
A dusk departure of the Maxima from Duluth as the moon rises in the distance (88% full). 8/9/2022
[So the Maxima loaded much quicker than did the Iryda]

Schauer Photo Images posted
The unique looking ocean vessel Maxima departed Duluth at dusk with beet pulp (animal feed) headed to Ireland. A nice end to a beautiful day here in the Twin Ports. 8/9/2022
David Schauer shared
John Clark: Quite the vessel, hard to believe a crew of 10.
Noah Heller posted
Máxima departs Duluth for Ireland to end her first tour of the Great Lakes.
Andy Caldwell: Great shot. Heading for Greenore.

Kelly Rice Zemla commented on Paul's first share
It just left a bit ago! [Aug 9, 2022. So the Maxima loaded much quicker than did the Iryda.]

David Schauer posted three photos with the comment: "While the Maxima arrived in darkness, her departure was in perfect golden light. The ocean vessel loaded beet pulp (animal feed) at the Gavilon elevator in Superior for Ireland. 8/10/2022"



Maxima entering Calumet Harbor to dock at the Iroquois Landing International Terminal with tug assistance at the stern: 5 photoslast 6 of 12 photos. The Iroquois Landing notes have copies of these photos.

Andrew Severson posted

May 24, 2023: it was again headed to Chicago. (9 photos)

David Schauer posted
First Ship in 10 Years...
Wagenborg vessel Maxima backing toward Elevator A this morning to load beet pulp pellets. Tug Kentucky assisting. This is the first boat to load at this elevator in nearly 10 years and the first under new owner Hansen-Mueller. The last to load here was also a Wagenborg vessel, the Elbeborg on December 10, 2013 (see image in comment section). Welcome back to life Elevator A! Duluth, MN - June 5, 2023.

David Schauer posted
I know Duluth has a reputation for being cold, but the individual looking into the hold of the Maxima is dressed like it is forty below zero. Old school parka and then some! Beet pulp pellets is the cargo being loaded. Duluth, MN - June 5, 2023

David Schauer posted, cropped, via Dennis DeBruler

David Schauer updated via Dennis DeBruler

1 of 10 photos posted by David Kaye
Maxima downbound at the Soo Locks this afternoon. 6-8-23
David Kaye shared

Janet Stevenson Hess commented on David's share, cropped
My first glimpse of this freighter. It looks shiny new. Built 2021.

Max Keener posted
Dennis DeBruler shared
Another load of beet pulp is headed from Duluth to Europe.
Dennis DeBruler: MAXIMA is a new EasyMax Freighter Class by Royal Wagenborg,
The grain elevator used to be General Mills A, and it has recently been reopened,

Andrew Severson posted
Salty Saturday. Anchored in the Detroit River is the Maxima.
[This was posted on Feb 3, 2024. It must be an older photo because the Welland Canal was drained for Winter maintenance before Feb 2024.]
Rod Denman: How rude not flying the US flag on the port side!
James Giantpeach: Rod Denman It's flying the Canadian flag as the coursety flag so that means it's cleared into Canada, Not the US. When it leaves Canada and clears into the US it will fly the US Courtesy flag in place of where the Canadian flag was. They can't fly a flag of a country they are not in unless it's the flag of where they are registered. An exception to that is when ships transit the Detroit River when half is Canadian & half is US. At that point what ever country they are currently cleared into they will fly that flag.
Paul Thompson: It’s actually in Scotland currently, not in Detroit.
Andrew Severson: Paul Thompson but it was when I took the picture.
Paul Thompson: I knew that, maybe add a date so the newbies are not confused.??
Dennis DeBruler: Andrew Severson A date would be useful because my first thought when I saw this post is that the Maxima was trapped on this side of a drained Welland Canal.

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