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2002 Busan Gwangan Bridge around Busan, Korea

(Satellite, 3,910 photos)

Street View, Dec 2017

GlabbCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons via structurae
Construction started in 1994 and it was completed in Dec 20002.

Rather than tear down a bunch a buildings and divide a city, they just went around it.

LuNaR Lee, May 2010

The bridge is a double decker with four lanes on each deck.
Street View, Dec 2017

"The Busan Gwangan Bridge is 4.6 mi (7.4 km) long, and the Length over water is 2.7 mi (4.4 km ). It is a double-layer bridge. The upper part leads to Namcheon-dong and the lower part leads to Centum City. There are 4 lanes on each floor, a total of 8 lanes. It consists of 3 parts, among which the suspension bridge is 2953 ft (900 m) long, the truss bridge is 2362 ft (720 m) long, the connecting bridge is 3.6 mi (5.8 km), the width is 18m-25m, and the height from sea level to the roof is 115 ft. (35 m)....The bridge is equipped with thousands of LED lights, making its night view very beautiful. An annual Guang’an Bridge walking competition is held." It cost 789 billion won (US $710 million).

Korea likes pedestrian suspension bridges, but this would be the annual walking competition.
Highway Engineering Discoveries posted

In 2019, a 370'-long Russian cargo ship allided with the bridge. The captain was drunk and tried to flee the scene, but the Korean Coast Guard blocked the ship and shepherded it back to port. "The Seagrand had also struck a cruise ship in the port about 40 minutes before the bridge incident, according to authorities." "A KCG official said that it is not illegal for a captain to consume alcohol onboard the vessel as long as they are not at the helm." [newsweek] But I gather from a report of a grounding near Baltimore, MD, that the captain should be present when a ship is leaving a port. That would be especially true if your crew has already banged into something on the way out.

2:45 video @ 0:37
[Note from the propwash that the ship was still pushing forward. Soon after, the propwash changes because it was finally put in reverse.
The cars didn't even stop. If I saw a big ship coming at a bridge I'm on, I think I would stop well before the collision point to see if the bridge wins the battle.]

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