Sunday, September 17, 2023

Two Tourist Suspension Bridges in Korea

400 Meters Long: (Satellite)
204 Meters Long: (Satellite, 21,477 photos! I think that is a new record.)

From what I can tell, the 200m long hanging bridge that we see on the left side of this photo has proven to be such a popular tourist attraction that they have expanded the attraction by building a trail system that now includes the 400m long suspension bridge near the right side of this photo. I'm using lengths to identify the bridges because I have seen multiple, similar names for the two bridges.

"One of the main attractions of Wonju, Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge is the longest and largest pedestrian bridge in Korea with a length of 200 meters, a height of 100 meters, and a width of 1.5 meters. The thrill of walking midair is enough to make visitors come to this attraction. The skywalk next to the bridge offers an amazing view of the surroundings. With a protective deck at the entrance of the bridge, anyone who has the courage can walk on the bridge."
[They need to update their website because the other bridge is over twice as long as this one.]



You have to pay to use this 404m long bridge.

I think access to the Sky Tower and Cliff Walk is part of the admission fee.
"A cliff walk attached to the cliffs face of Sogeumsan Mountain like the one at Zhangjiajie of China. An observation deck which provide a bird eye view over the whole Ganhyeon tourist site from 150 meters above the ground."

When in Korea posted
Wonju Sogeumsan Bridge. The longest mountain bridge in Korea.

Pedestrian suspension bridges seems to be a thing in Korea. This site lists 11 of them, including the 200m Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge. The 200m bridge is called the Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge, and the 404m bridge is too new to be in the list.

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