Monday, February 23, 2015

More Coaling Towers and Roundhouse Footprints

Peru, IN

Wabash Yards roundhouse footprint.

Mike Mohrmann -> >> Vintage Rails
Mike didn't have any details but Michael Moran commented: "Peru, In. C&O/ Chessie yard, all of which is gone today."

Danville, IL

Lyons Yard, -14 degrees in 1949, posted
I don't know for sure that the following was Lyons Yard, but it was the only yard-looking thing I could find in Danville.

Today, it has been rebuilt as a small yard and more modern service facilities. This line was Big Four. If I'm reading the 2014 Illinois State Road Map correctly, it is now VVRR. But I could not find VVRR in a list of reporting marks.

Photo by Sandy Goodrick from TheKankakeeRiver

C&O coaling tower in English Lake, IN.

Elberta, MI


Photo from Facebook
Facebook: Cushing, OK, 1983
Mill Housden -> >> Abandoned Rail
Photo in Ironwood, MI from Facebook
Mike Mckenzie >> Railroad Maintenance of Way Photo's The engine is silly, but the tower is real.

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