Wednesday, February 11, 2015

BNSF uses Santa Fe Caboose 730

Jerry Jackson posted
I guess today is not only waycar Wednesday, but "going away waycars on Wednesday", at least in my case... CE-8 999730 rolls eastbound back to the GM yard, 1988 photo. I do believe that #730 is still working at Corwith for the BNSF? I think
Ramon Rhodes
would know.

Ramon Rhodes commented on Jerry's post
Looking a bit worse for wear and with its windows now plated over, I caught 730 on the Argonne Switch Job out of GM Yard in Hodgkins, IL [located just outside of Chicago] in Oct. 2013. "Shoving platform" 730 had/has been regularly assigned to this job. The shove car is needed on this switch job because GM yard is stub ended and the train needs to shove back a quarter of a mile to access the mainline and then shove back again to get back into the yard when it returns.

I looked in the GM Yard where they park the engines hoping to see the caboose parked there as well. But it wasn't.

But then I discovered that it was on the east end of a train close to Industrial Steel Construction.

So I checked FlashEarth's Bing map and found it on the west end of a train also up by the quarry. 

So my count for "shoving platforms" is now up to three:
And note that BNSF/CB&Q avoids the need for a shoving platform by putting an engine on both ends of its "flour local."

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