Monday, July 25, 2016

Rock Island Steel Car Shop

Jimmy Fiedler posted
Just east of the Rock Island Blue Island yard by 124th & Wood St there is a collection of shop buildings. One of which still reads CRI&P steel car shop I was wondering if anybody had pictures or information on these shops?
Jim Johnson Rock Island built wood and steel freight cars and cabooses there .
David Daruszka commented on the above posting
Currently occupied by a plumbing company I believe. I drover around and while the guys who worked there were curious about me taking pictures they didn't bother me.
David Daruszka: Sanborn map of the shops.
David Daruszka: Here's the full map from around 1911.
Jimmy Fiedler Something I just noticed? They used trackage rights over the IC branch
David Daruszka There was a lot of interconnecting trackage to service the industries in West Pullman. The IC right of way is quite wide and remnants of the rails adjacent to the Metra tracks are visible.

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  1. This is currently owned by Loeffel Steel Corp - Maybe calling them can uncover some information?