Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tesla's 1891 Ames Generating Station

Randall Thompson posted three photos with the comment:
Located a few miles below Telluride, Colorado, this is the AMES GENERATING STATIONIt was originally set up by Tesla himself, in 1891, and is the oldest AC generating power plant in the world. It is still running, and is connected to the grid. It was originally built to provide power to the remote and very high elevation Gold King MIne, and later expanded. There are two pelton wheels, different sizes, connected by common shaft to the generator (2nd picture). They are fed by penstocks coming from two different high altitude reservoirs. Third picture is the automatic needle valve control for the smaller pelton wheel. These valves control water input to keep the speed constant and synchronized with the 60 hertz grid. I've seen it several times, and was able to go inside once




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