Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hesston Steam Museum's Stationary Steam Engine Exhibit


Every Labor Day Weekend a visit to the Hesston Steam Museum is special because they have all of their equipment running. I went the first year I got a digital camera, 2014, and took so many pictures and videos that I haven't been able to figure out how to present them. A partial solution is to start with their display of three stationary steam engines that are run from a single boiler because I need a picture of the 10-foot flywheel for another posting.

I started with taking a video that walks around the exhibit.
(new window)

Then I took some stills of each of the engines.

20140831 0060

This was another genset on the grounds, but it no longer operates

 I took a couple of pictures to catch the movement of the crank and the dot on the flywheel.
 A closeup of the Corliss valve gear so that it would be brighter with less back lighting and because that is the main feature of a Corliss steam engine.

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