Sunday, September 30, 2018

UP/Alton Global 4 Intermodal Yard

I label this both rrAlton and rrUP because it is built along the route that the 1928 Alton owned, but the yard has been built by UP after they bought the route. Even though it is relatively new as far as railroad facilities go, Dan indicates that it is being expanded.

Dan Tracy posted two photos with the comment: "Couple of shots showing the expansion project at Global 4 on 9-23-18. Shots taken from Millsdale Road."
Tom Meyer Good stuff! Thanks so much for sharing! This expansion is in part to accommodate the additional traffic secured with the new O.N.E, (Ocean Network Express) contract. This too may also include the final transition of the last North/South O/D Train pairs currently handled in the small/antiquated Yard Center Facility, as promised for quite some time..........

Global 4 had already made Canalport obsolete. It is now just used for storage to support Global 1.



Nick Hart posted
After a wait at Pine Junction, westbound CSXT Q191-20 is on the move as it makes its way towards the destination of Global 4 in Joliet. UP 6706 leads the way, which is the last patched AC4400CW in CNW paint.
CSXT Barr Sub
Gary, IN
Dennis DeBruler It is nice to learn that containers are now crossing Indiana on steel wheels instead of rubber wheels.

Johnny Hansen posted
BNSF 1605 and 1717, former Santa Fe SD40-2’s, now H4 scheme SD40-2’s work the autorack pulldown at BNSF Logistics Park Chicago on a cloudy thanksgiving morning.
[Street View]

In Sept 2020, I got hit with a Double Doomsday. Both Facebook and Google changed their software. I said "changed" instead of "updated" because the new software is not better. In fact, Google's Blogger software is far worse except for a search function that works. Specifically, it has three bugs concerning photos and their captions. So I'm no longer copying photos and interesting comments from Facebook. I'm just saving the link. I hope you can see posts in Private Groups.

Five photos of a train northeast of Normal that was delivering parts for new cranes   It was a short train transporting just these parts.

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