Monday, December 24, 2018

MoW: Herzog Ballast Train

I've already written notes about Georgetown's dump train. These Herzog cars are designed to dump the ballast on the track at a train speed up to 20mph.

(new window)  (source)

(new window) (source)

(new window)  the link starts at 0:45.  The first several cars have already dumped their load, so you have to go to 1:30 to see the cars that are currently dumping ballast. Note how the car stopped the flow of ballast while it was going over a road crossing.

A mix of the old and new.
Screenshot, link skips the first 1.5 minutes
(source: "While taking pics at the former C&IM Roundhouse in Taylorville this NS Herzog train drifted by.")

Herzog also makes an "automated conveyor train" comparable to Georgetown's dump train.
Herzog after doing some mouse-clicking that I don't know if I can recreate.
[There were other views of this washout that they were filling.]

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