Saturday, December 22, 2018

Fast building of underpasses

I passed up the following time-lapse video as a posting when I first saw it. But when I saw the second video in the same timeline-reading session, I went back and found the first. Both videos show the quick installation of a new underpass. They both share the use of precast concrete and an already existing grade separation. In contrast, it took about five years to build the BNSF underpass for Belmont in Downers Grove, IL. It took a lot longer if you count the public meetings, funding issues, and land acquisition that had to be done before they could start construction.

Screenshot, 4.5 hours  (source)
Screenshot, 3 days
[The comments say the road was shutdown for a weekend. But it looks like they may have built a temporary 2-lane road on the other side. But traffic is coming towards us most of the time on that road.]

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