Sunday, December 16, 2018

Passenger Coach Yards in Chicago

I have found two online sources for the 1915 Smoke Abatement Report:
I used to think the .pdf copy was a better scan. But I have discovered that the eBook did a better job with photos. I include copies from both sources for a map so that you can judge which is better. I enlarged both images until they began to show pixels. The .pdf indicated 150%. I could not get a percentage for the eBook, but I would say it was also around 150%.

You probably need to click and image and then save to disk and use a photo viewer to access the full resolution stored by the blog server.
Digitized by Google, p531

I could not find a key for this map in the report so I made my own:
The remaining images are from the eBook.

Digitized by Google, p529

Digitized by Google, p530

Digitized by Google, p532

Digitized by Google, p533

Digitized by Google, p534

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