Monday, December 3, 2018

NS/Sou/CNOTP/CS 1877+1911 Bridge over Kentucky River near High Bridge, KY

(Bridge Hunter, several construction photos; Historic Bridges, also has construction photos; HAERBridge & TunnelsSatellite, 71+ photos)

To explain the title, Cincinnati built and owns the Cincinnati Southern route, but it now leases it to the Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Norfolk Southern (formally Southern)., p49

John Hamilton posted
The deep truss allowed it to be built around the old truss. Note the engine under the traveler on the right to get a sense of scale.
Engineering Record, Vol. 62, 1910. Digitized By Google. from Historic Bridges
Kentucky Colonels - National Headquarters posted (source)
In 1877, the first cantilever bridge in the United States was completed in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. This railroad bridge crosses the Kentucky River Palisades, connecting Jessamine and Mercer counties. A cantilever bridge is a bridge whose main elements are cantilevers (structures that are anchored at only one end while the other projects horizontally into space). #KyHistory
Kenny McLaughlin Also known as High Bridge, the oldest highest bridge in the US still used! I’ve sat in the middle of that bridge with two friends with our legs hanging over the side holding on for dear life while a train and many cars went over it at about 40 mph. That thing flexes and shakes while that train crosses it ! It’s so high you can’t imagine how it was built! Those were the days!
Bill Johnson That's actually the second bridge. In the early 1900s, the new bridge was built around the old bridge and the elevation was raised. Later, it was made a double track bridge.

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