Saturday, August 29, 2020

KB&S/(Big4+NKP(LE&W)) Bridge over the Wabash River at Lafayette, IN

(Bridge Hunter; no Historic Bridges; 3D Satellite)

I've seen this view a few times but ignored it because it is yet another truss bridge. But I've decided that about the third time is a charm.

HalstEd Pazdzior posted

"Through Truss 2 Track bridge(currently single track) once shared by the New York Central and Nickel Plate railroads. Reconfiguration of adjacent SR 26 and CSX and NS tracks forced realignment of East approach causing removal of 1 track." [BridgeHunter]
Indiana State Department of Natural Resource, Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology via Bridge Hunter

Journal and Courier: February 12 1959 via Bridge Hunter

Ray Gray posted
The Big Four Railroad took a trainload of passengers to West Lafayette moments before the Main Street levee broke, sending the river slamming through the bottom lands and further endangering the city of West Lafayette. Loaded coal cars were pulled onto the bridge. The added weight kept it from being swept away. but it was knocked five inches out of line by floating buildings. History does not precisely define the "fluffy-ruffle brigade", but when the railroad bridge was the only connecting link between the two towns, ingenious Purdue students jumped from coal car coal car to get across the flooded river to visit their girlfriends in Lafayette. Before the river subsided, the on-rushing waters washed out foundations beneath the piers, leaving the bridge suspended, and it also had to replaced.
[Flood of 1913]

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From the Journal & Courier, 1913 Note that the little ferry is powered by a paddle wheel. 15 more photos on the link.

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Ol' Wabash is looking more little O'Miss.

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