Wednesday, February 10, 2021

1892 Santa Fe Dam and Boxcar Bridge in Williams, AZ


Street View

Either the lake is stocked with fish or it retains enough water for fish to survive because fishing here is popular. The main use of the reservoir now is to supply water to Williams.

It was built with red sandstone by the Santa Fe Railroad to supply water for its steam locomotives. [Wikipedia] Living in the Midwest, I take water for granted. But I can understand that water for the locomotives would be an issue in the dessert. There are some other dam created lakes around Williams.

Photo from WayMarking

I found this dam while following Cataract Creek through town looking for this bridge. According to a comment this bridge has been there for nine years. Yet I was unable to find it on the creek.

Joe Rossi posted four photos with the comment: "How many times do you see a box car bridge?"




I finally found it over a drainage ditch.

Street View


  1. Check out the preserved H&TC railroad dam at Allen TX.

    1. Thanks. Done.