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1866,1895 Roebling Bridge over Ohio River at Cincinnati, OH

(Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; HAERSatellite)

I tend to focus on railroad bridges instead of road bridges and missed that Roebling built a bridge a lot closer to Chicagoland than I realized. 


3. VIEW LOOKING NORTHWEST, 3/4 ELEVATION FROM BELOW - Cincinnati Suspension Bridge, Spanning Ohio River, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH

Comment by Don Sayenga on Bridge Hunter:
The bridge in the photo was designed and built by William Hildenbrand 1895-1899. Although the crossing currently is named for John A Roebling, he was the designer and builder of the original structure which was deficient for several reasons. It was removed by Hildenbrand without interrupting travel - a spectacular effort! In the rebuild the original wrought iron wire cables and the original stone towers were allowed to remain in place and these were used to raise the new bridge structures into place. New steel cables were added in 1897 (in the middle of the project) to support the added weight of the metal trusswork.

The best reference source is:

"Wilhelm Hildenbrand and the 1895 Reconstruction of the Roebling Suspension Bridge" by Dr. Joseph F. Gastright in Northern Kentucky Heritage, Vol VII No 1 pages 1-14



At the time of its completion in 1866, the Cincinnati Suspension Bridge was the longest suspension span in the world. Although it had taken over ten years to complete (actual completion of all details was not accomplished until 1867) the work was achieved with a noticeable lack of injury or death to those workmen involved with the project. This was the first bridge over the Ohio River at Cincinnati.



Street View
[This photo was taken from the Taylor-Southgate Bridge.]

This is the photo that taught me that Roebling had a bridge at Cincinnati. 
Paul Abrams posted
Belle of Cincinnati pushes past the Roebling suspension bridge connecting Cincinnati with Newport, Kentucky on the Ohio River last year.

Street View
[I presume the stone work is the tops of the cable anchorages.]

Kentucky Tourism posted
Where can you discover bustling downtowns and charming small towns? Spoiler alert: In the new 2021 Kentucky Visitor’s Guide!

Street View
[Looking at the vertical compression members on the left, this is the first time I've seen lattice work used on all four sides of a column.]

Bob Kent posted
1997 in Cincinnati at 64.7 ft. Stayed out of the 60 ft range till 2018 reaching 60.5. City Riverfront area totally different now, will have to work on putting something together on that. Even the Highway (Ft Washington Way/I-71) somewhat reconfigured. Riverfront Stadium long gone.

3D Satellite

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