Monday, February 22, 2021

I-10 Bridge over Mississippi River at Baton Rouge, LA

The official name is the Horace Wilkinson Bridge.

"The Wilkinson Bridge is 14,150 feet long overall, which is more than 2-1/2 miles. The truss superstructure is 4,550 feet long, and features a 1,235-foot clear channel span. The traffic deck carries six lanes of freeway traffic, seeing an average of 90,000 vehicles per day." [John Weeks]

"This bridge has a weird aspect to it.... all of the eastern approaches, on-ramps, and elevated roadways were of a steel stringer construction. But on the west side of the bridge, all of those approaches and on-ramps utilized the newer prestressed concrete girder technology. Makes me wonder if the western portion of the bridge (Port Allen side) was the last part of the bridge to be built." [gfalcon comment in Bridge Hunter] 

Street View, the flour mill in the foreground is a bonus

Albert Dewailly shared a post by Cully Cangelosi of eight photos.
Robert Gardner: Picture number four was likely 1965 during which I sank on the M/V Marion M during hurricane Betsy. Also Saw an UM Barge loaded with grain sink in 196’ of water in between the Western pier and shore.
Michael Mier: Took over 3 years to construct. Remember it being posted here that it opened in 1968.



[The comments start out implying that we are looking East, but end implying that we are looking West.]

This is the Huey P. Long Bridge
Steve Pritchard: 1940  Huey Long had it built low so ships could not pass under it stopping ocean going vessels from traveling north.

This is also the Huey P. Long Bridge

This is also the Huey P. Long Bridge


Katherine Hutto posted
John Ross Thomas: Baton Rouge lower bridge

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