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Dyer Junction: Monon vs. EJ&E & Michigan Central and Monon Depot

(no CRJ; John Haynes Track DiagramSatellite)
NorthAmericanInterlockings: none
Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers (click the marker for the correct information)

American-Rails.com posted
Monon C420 #507 leads a southbound manifest across the Penn Central (ex-New York Central) and Elgin, Joliet & Eastern at Dyer, Indiana on March 27, 1971. David Hawkins collection.
Jeff Ewoldt: Note the International Harvester combine, manufactured in East Moline, Illinois.
[Some comments discuss the high signals by the depot concerning train orders. Others discuss the car with the man sticking out of it.]

Bill Molony shared

Jeff Michaels commented on America-Rails.com's post
My father and me were there about 7 years later.

The brown roof blends in with the brown field. I would not have been able to spot it without knowing it was in the northwest quadrant of the Monon vs. MC crossing.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP

The red rectangle identifies the depot and the yellow rectangle is for the junction tower.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP plus Paint

The town started south of the tracks so it is interesting that they built the depot north of the tracks.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP

A Roger Puta Photo
Marty Bernard's comment:
MONON F3A 208 with Train 5, The Thoroughbred, rounding a curve after crossing the NYC and EJ&E at Dyer, Indiana on February 10, 1963.
Since Marty indicated that a different picture with Train 6 was northbound, this train would be southbound.

I believe the building on the right is the depot.

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