Monday, July 12, 2021

1937 Mississippi Lock and Dam #7 at La Crescent, MN

(John A. Weeks III; Satellite)

"Site underwent major rehabilitation from 1989 through 2002. Dam consists of concrete structure 940 feet long, five roller gates and 11 tainter gates. Two segments of earth embankment 8,100 feet long from dam to French Island. One concrete spillway 1,000 feet long. And 2,400 feet long from French Island to Onalaska Wis. The a concrete spillway is 670 feet long."

John Weeks


Note that the photo in the brochure caught the river at a high level. The roller gates are up all of the way to get them out of the water.
The above zoomed in to 175%

10 photos of a towboat locking through

A video of a towboat in the lock  Basically, it shows that it takes more than a minute before they start filling the lock because I never did see it start to go up.

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