Sunday, July 4, 2021

A trip on an ore boat in 1937

Al Miller posted seven images with the comment: "This article appeared in the September 1937 issue of U.S. Steel News. It describes a trip on the William E. Corey from Gary to Two Harbors and back that began July 3, 1937. It's a fun read with plenty of good photos."
The resolution is good enough that, if you save the images to disk, you should be able to easily read them.
Since I can't hot link the text in the images, I noted these key words:
ship unloader (self-unloader)
I was surprised to learn that the dining room was in the aft. I had assumed it was in the bow. I guess there is more room in the aft and that at least some of the crew has to live with the sound of the steam engines.
Gary Works turning basin   I wonder when bow thrusters were added to Lakers
"The bodies of drowned persons never rise to the surface in this lake [Superior], because the water is so cold that no gases of decomposition form to provide the necessary buoyancy."







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