Thursday, July 15, 2021

American Jazz riverboat runs aground in Lake Barkley


It ran aground at 1pm, Wednesday, July 7, 2021. They gave up trying to pull it off at 7pm Thursday with multiple towboats and the Coast Guard plans to remove the passengers so that they can be bussed to their intended destination of Nashville. They were coming from Memphis.

(July 15, 2021: As of "publication," the passengers and some of the crew were bused to Nashville a few days ago. The boat is still stuck. They have applied for a permit from the US Army Corps of Engineering to use water jetting to help free the boat. [WPSD6])

Dan Sanders posted four photos with the comment:
According to a post elsewhere:
"The AMERICAN JAZZ is stuck on Lake Barkley, so she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. She got stuck yesterday afternoon. The propellers are out of the water after she got into shallow water near a small town called Canton, KY. The "ship" was trying to make it to Dover and Nashville, Tennessee."
Does anyone have any updates? We wish her well...




Frank X Prudent commented on Dan's post

safe_image for ‘We’ll kind of miss it after they get it out’ — community reacts after American Jazz riverboat gets stuck in Lake Barkley
"I don’t think he’s going the right way.’ I expected him to come to the left, and he made a sharp turn to the right, which is totally out of the channel. He was going full speed, and just buried it up on the sand bar."
Jo Ann Schoen: This is an ACL boat. This company is the one that paid nearly $1,000,000 to lobby congress to keep the exemption for the DELTA QUEEN from going through to allow her to run again.
Nancy Cozby Drake: Jo Ann Schoen I believe this could be called "karma".

Dan Sanders updated
Frank X Prudent: I think they are getting their just desserts. That's the very company that paid DC lobbyists nearly a million dollars to convince Congress that the DELTA QUEEN is unsafe.
Mark Hunter: Any water outside the channel markers in that area is super shallow. You could walk around in most of it!: Any water outside the channel markers in that area is super shallow. You could walk around in most of it!

They have to use barges as spacers to keep water under the towboats. The passengers were taken off and bussed to Nashville the next day and then this removal operation was attempted, in vain.

About three days later they planned to bring in a fuel barge to get the weight of the fuel off her. [John Sullivan comment on a post]

Captain Don Sanders shared his article.

A July 11, 2021 article: "According to Madison Berry, my riverboat source in Paducah, Kentucky, the JAZZ has “122 passengers and 60 crewmen and women onboard.” Additionally, another source reported, “The vessel is 400-feet inside the red buoy line in shallow water.”...(EDITOR’S update: After 50-plus hours, all 120 passengers and some crew of the American Jazz were taken off the ship and transported to Nashville by bus. No injuries were reported. The boat remained stuck on the sandbar Saturday night; work continued to get the ship loose.)"  (source

So it was free by July 17.
Brandon Wright Laxgton posted, cropped
Cumberland city Tva and American jazz

Given that the boat was moving again, I did some Googling. On July 15 coast guardsmen pumped fuel out of the riverboat to make it lighter. They had put a boom around the boat as a precaution in case fuel leaked. There were still 27 ACL crew members onboard. [wpsd6-fuel] On July 16 shortly before 3:30pm the boat was freed from the sandbar. "Baxter [the Coast Guard contact] says crews noticed that the Cumberland River had risen 6 inches, giving the boat some wiggle room. He says the crew used a tug assist and a barge with wires, and put the boat in reverse for about 2 hours and 30 minutes — eventually allowing to boat to free itself." [wpsd6-crane, this has a video that shows some serious propwash given that it is running in reverse.] The public relations manager for ACL claims they still don't know how the ship got stuck. [whas11] (I've seen comments that it was 400' on the wrong side of the channel markers. It was basically cruising over what had been farm fields.)
Mike Spissinger, wpsd-6crane, cropped

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