Sunday, July 4, 2021

Aban/Pennsy and CKIN/C&O Bridges over Kankakee River near English Lake, IN


The Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum uses part of the CKIN route for their tourist trains.

Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum posted
Thank-you to everyone who came out today enjoying the beautiful weather after the large amounts of rain and storms this past week. The Kankakee River at English Lake definitely shows how much rain we had recently. Lots of visitors and lots of riders on both trains. We hope everyone has a wonderful Independence Day tomorrow!
Kyle Flanigan shared
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This Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum tourist train uses the former C&O route.
41°16'17.0"N 86°49'39.2"W

Normally, we see the piles upon which the pier caps set.

Miles Jajich, May 2021
[C&O in the foreground and Pennsy peaking through underneath.]

Adam Harney, May 2021
[C&O taken from the Pennsy.]

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