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Jellys Ferry Bridge

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It's a 5-span truss with one lane that handles 350 vehicles/day. The speed limit is 15mph. The replacement bridge would be 50mph.

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On July 10, 2016, their was a fatal crash. The parked fire truck fell 25' causing three firefighters to be hurt.

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They fixed and reopened the bridge. But on Aug 7, 2018, it was closed again because it failed a state inspection. For almost a year the people on the north side of the river had to drive an extra 45 minutes to get to town, their schools and to their mail because the post office wouldn't deliver. The county did plan to fix the bridge, but the fixes were delayed because of funding issues because they also wanted a new bridge. And during the first round of bidding, the country rejected all of the bids. Does the $46m figure provided in this article include the fixes or is that the cost of just the replacement bridge?
ActionNewsNow, June 27, 2019

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RedBluffDailyNews (the only article I could access without giving them an email address)
The old bridge reopened June 15, 2020.
"It was reopened but closed again Aug. 7, 2018, following the failure of a state inspection."

As of this July 21, 2020, article the repairs and new bridge were expected to cost $35m. And they were predicting a completion of Sept. 22, 2021.
"The bridge is 88.53 percent funded through the Federal Highway Administration Bridge Program. The remaining 11.47 percent is funded through Local Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program Proposition 1B funds."

"The proposed concrete bridge would be comprised of two-12' undivided lanes and two 8' shoulders classified as Class II bicycle lanes." [yumpu, p10]

yumpu, p35
[This is a 2001 design document and the plan was to construct the replacement in 2003.]

I was surprised that they would use cast-in-place rather than segmental construction of the box girders. I didn't know that they did cast-in-place construction anymore, which requires falsework. Is it cheaper here because the nearest segment casting plant is far away?
yumpu, p36

As of Dec 22, 2020, the county is predicting a completion of Fall 2021. They don't mention the price tag.

I've seen a completion date for Fall, 2022. The reason the completion jumped a year is probably because they have just a two-month construction window. That means that if you miss the window, you are looking at almost another year of delay. I got the impression that the reason for the short work window is to reduce the impact on the fish habitat. But they are allowed to keep the cofferdam and falsework in the river over the Winter.

This is the post that taught me that a long truss bridge is being replaced. I pursued it because the pier design looked interesting.
Cory Rhoades posted eight photos at Jellys Ferry Bridge with the comment: "MCM Nor Cal"
[I found MCM, but I could not find this project. I want to see what the falsework and forms look like for the box girders.]








It appears that they are using large, reusable forms. I can see where that would help make cast-in-place competitive with precast construction. And the development of concrete pumping trucks also makes cast-in-place cheaper.
Folsom Ready Mix

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