Thursday, July 1, 2021

UP/C&NW Elburn Commuter Train Yard


Similar to BNSF's Hill Yard in Aurora, IL, this yard stores commuter trains between the evening rush hour and the morning rush hour. Similar to BNSF's 14th Street Yard, UP's California Yard stores the coaches near Union Station. Since this yard stores the trains overnight, that is why Dave did a nighttime shot.

Dave Hawley posted
Metra coach yard at Elburn,  Illinois

Dennis DeBruler commented on Dave's post
And that is just the east side. Here is the west side.

Dennis DeBruler commented on Dave's post
I was surprised that the California Yard is almost empty. I guess the satellite caught it during a rush hour.
41°53'20.2"N 87°41'29.4"W

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