Monday, February 6, 2023

Broadway Subway in Vancouver, BC, is expected to open in 2026 and cost $2.83b

Starting Point for New Track: (Satellite, the current western terminus of the Millennium Line)

Vancouver already has a significant light rail system.
Map via translink-skytrain

This project is extending the Millennium Line SkyTrain to the West to serve the downtown. All six of the new stations will be underground.

The Skytrain is going to continue West from its current terminus.
Street View, Apr 2022

This is where the elevated portion transitions to a subway. Great Northern Way is the street at the top.
Google Earth, Jan 2023

The current satellite map view is Jul 2021. This view is looking east. Note the unique windows in the building at the top.

Those windows appear in this photo. That is what allowed me to determine the location of the launching site for the tunnel. They assembled the two tunnel boring machines (TBM) at this location.
Oct 2022 Photo from Government of BC via DailyHive-photos

Oct 2022 Photo from Government of BC via DailyHive-photos, this article has many detailed photos of the TBMs.
The TBM on the left is named "Elsie" and it started digging first. The one on the right is "Phyllis."
"Both machines are named after two influential, decorated British Columbians who were leaders in engineering and mountaineering.
"Elizabeth (Elsie) MacGill was the first female aeronautical engineer and professional aircraft designer in the world, and she is known for contributing many innovations in aircraft design, including the skis and de-icing for the first successful winterization of a high-speed aircraft.
Phyllis Munday founded both the Girl Guides in BC and the first St. John Ambulance Brigade in North Vancouver. She was known for her volunteerism, including achievements in local mountaineering."

"Both TBMs are identical with a width of six metres (20 ft) and a length of 100 metres (328 ft). They are expected to dig and complete the tunnel ring structure at a rate of about 18 metres (60 ft) per day, with an average depth of about 15 metres (49 ft) and a maximum depth of 20 metres (66 ft) at Broadway-City Hall Station to travel beneath the Canada Line tunnel....The tunnel boring process for the Broadway Extension is different from the Canada Line, which used a single TBM for both of its tunnels by returning the machine back to its starting point for its second run, while the Evergreen Extension used a single large TBM with a width of 10 metres (33 feet) to build a single tunnel that contained the tracks for both directions." [DailyHive-how]

The subway stations are under Broadway, and they are obviously cut-and-cover. For some of the buildings, they have to make sure that people don't try to exit using a front door in case of a fire.
Kenneth Chan comment on DailyHive-begins
Mount Pleasant Station.

This allowed me to better understand the above photo.
Diagram from Government of BC via DailyHive-how

In this video of Elsie breaking into the Mount Pleasant Station, keep your eye on the lower-right quadrant of the circle. The rebar didn't seem to bother the TBM. The link for this video came from the following article.

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