Saturday, March 18, 2023

1894 Quaker Bridge Road over Croton River near Croton-On-Hudson

(Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; B&T; Satellite)

The Croton Dam is just a little further upstream.

This 1894 bridge replaced an 1847 covered bridge. "Notably, the site of the new bridge was once under consideration as the location for the New Croton Dam, which would have served as a water supply source." [B&T]

Street View, Jul 2021

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The Quaker Bridge, renowned for its uniqueness, is among the most ancient surviving steel bridges in Westchester County, New York. Constructed in 1894 as a replacement for a ruined covered structure, the Pratt through truss displays intricate embellishments at its portals. Despite its schedule for replacement in 1953, no work was undertaken, and the bridge underwent numerous refurbishments over the years, with the most recent taking place in 1994-95. The renovation included structural rehabilitation, installation of a new roadway deck, and a comprehensive repainting of the Quaker Bridge.
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Street View
Per HistoricBridges, note that the date plaque has been moved from under the portal to the upstream end post.

Before the alterations. 
Postcard via BridgeHunter, HistoricBridges has a different exposure

1 of several photos by Patrick Gurwell via BridgeHunter

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