Thursday, March 30, 2023

1913 Cedar Hill Bridge over Animas River

(Bridge Hunter broke Mar 22, 2023; Historic Bridges; Satellite)

safe_image for Historic Cedar Hill bridge near Aztec will be renovated, David Edward Albright/Durango Herald
“The Cedar Hill Bridge is an extremely rare surviving example of a  pin‐connected highway truss bridge in New Mexico,” according to Bach  Steel’s scope of work and repair estimate. "Located in Cedar Hill, east of Aztec [New Mexico], the bridge was built in 1913,  according to San Juan Historical Society. It crosses the Animas River  and connects County Road 2380. Once the project is complete, the bridge  will become part of a 2-mile walking trail along the river."
The cost is $611,333.35.
"San Juan County Public Works Director Nick Porell...said the bridge was, “purchased from a catalog. I guess at the time you could purchase a bridge from the Montgomery Ward Catalog.”...The bridge was closed to vehicle traffic in the 1990s, but it remained open to pedestrian traffic until 2017, when it was determined to be too dangerous."

"The bridge is also significant for its lack of alteration, and even more so for its very remarkable lack of deterioration in its steel." A dry climate and no need to salt the roads probably helps prevent rusting. In fact, it has never been painted. [HistoricBridges]
Immediately west and parallel to the bridge is an irrigation flume which carries water over the Animas River. This flume structure is a pin-connected truss composed of members that are similar to those used in the highway bridge, but it has a significantly different overall configuration and appearance because it was purposely designed to serve as a flume. The flume itself is quite unusual and may have individual historic significance. It also compliments the architectural appearance of the highway truss bridge. [HistoricBridges]
The plume's truss is not rust free. HistoricBridges also identifies this bridge as a pin-connected truss.
Mani (Mani), May 2016

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