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1915 NS/CP/Erie-Lackawanna/DL&W Cut-Off: Martins Creek Viaduct

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The equally massive Martins Creek Viaduct carries the Canadian Pacific Railway over Martins Creek in northern Pennsylvania. It was constructed in 1915 for the Lackawanna & Western Railroad, which later became part of the famed Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad.
Check out more aerials and find out more about the Nicholson Cutoff and the Martins Creek Viaduct at
Joe O'Mara: This rail line (Sunbury Line) is owned by Norfolk Southern since 2015.
Dennis L. Howell: Joe O'Mara Indeed! CP rail and Norfolk Southern split the old D&H via Albany, NY. CP retained the line north of Albany, while the D&H southwest of Albany went to NS.
Joe O'Mara: Dennis L. Howell CP 485 (South Schenectady) is the property line. CP retained switching rights for GE at 483.
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