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1911-1985 Lost/Erie #19 Bridge over Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, OH

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Western Reserve Historical Society has a photo of the collapsed swing bridge that the Strauss bridge replaced.

Douglas Butler posted
Public Domain Erie 19 Conrail Railroad Strauss Heel Trunnion Bascule Bridge removed in 1985 in Cleveland, OH.
Dennis DeBruler: HAER OHIO,18-CLEV,32--13
13. Blast furnace plant embraces the east bank of the Cuyahoga River. Plant was established in 1881 by the Cleveland Rolling Mill Co. It was absorbed by the American Steel and Wire Co. in 1899 and, two years later, by the U.S. Steel Corp., which closed it in 1978. View looking north. - Central Furnaces, 2650 Broadway, east bank of Cuyahoga River, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH
Fred Bultman posted
A panoramic view of Central Furnace from the west bank, looking north. Cleveland, about 1958.
Scott Misener: I was there on the S S J S Walton delivering many loads of iron ore loaded at Contracuer , PQ during that era. I recall it as a dismal place.
Fred Bultman: Scott Misener known as the Widowmaker locally.
Douglas Butler shared

Douglas Butler posted
From Cleveland Public Library Erie 19 Conrail Railroad Strauss Heel Trunnion Bascule bridge built in 1911 in Cleveland, OH removed in 1985.

Search for "#19" (7 photos) and "central furnace, erie railroad lift" in RealStill. This post taught me about the RealStill web site.

The piers for the stationary part of the bridge still stand.
3D Satellite

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