Sunday, March 5, 2023

Aban/C&EI Collison Trestle over Middle Fork Vermilion River

(Bridge Hunter; no Historic Bridges; Satellite)

DNR via BridgeHunter

1 of several from hhop via BridgeHunter
"Sunday found me at a different location. I had fun checking out this old abandoned railroad trestle. Not sure of it's age, but the steel connections are all riveted; a method of fastening that has not been commonly used for quite some time. The stone foundations also show considerable wear."
[His comment about "riveted" made me look twice because I had seen pin connections. Looking closer, the span is pin connected but the tower uses gussets and rivets. So this bridge was either built during the transition between the two methods of connecting members or the tower was rehabilitated.]

John Marvig posted four photos with the comment: "Former CE&I Collison Trestle across the Middle Fork Vermilion River just south of Potomac.  The bridge was built in 1893, although it is now abandoned.  Judging by the condition of one pier, this bridge may not have much time left.  The bridge and surrounding land are part of IDNR land.  Best views of the bridge come from the west bank."
Carter B Morris Sr.: The old Rossville/Sidell branch.





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