Sunday, June 19, 2016

Radio Flyer Wagons

Lost Illinois Manufacturing posted
Please follow the "posted" link for a history and pictures of the other products they make. Radio Flyer moved manufacturing to China in 2004. But their headquarters is still in Chicago with its big red wagon out front.

Update: while researching brick yards, I noticed that the plant still has its industrial leads. I wonder when the last train came north on the branch from the CP/Milwaukee mainline, and if it was a train to this building or some other building along that north/south branch.

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  1. That line was the run north to Cary Brick (north of Radio Flyer) on up to Dunning. The spur curving off the main line, behind the factory, went to the Shipping Dept on the east end of the building. While Receiving entered at the west end of the plant.