Tuesday, June 14, 2016

IC Icing Platform was close to Michigan Avenue

Edward Jarolin posted a couple of Jack Delano shots. Since the first photo is in color (very rare for WW2 era), you to see the yellow icing platform just above the cars. In the second photo is a cut of refers.


It is interesting how different copies of the same Library of Congress photo have different levels of brightness.

Mike Coker posted
Chuck Earley Very dangerous yard due to close clearance between the tracks and the electric operation to the west.
Jack Delano, 1943, LoC

Jack Delano, 1943, LoC
I can't decide if this engine is switching refers or if it is further east in the freight terminal area.
David Daruszka posted
IC Alco HH660 locomotive 9010 switching at the South Water Street market. The locomotive was built in 1935 and scrapped in 1951. The Carbon and Carbide building is the tall building in the center of the photo.
Dennis DeBruler Thanks for identifying the C&C building. This photo got added to a buildings post as well as a railroad post [this one].
Dennis DeBruler South Water Street is the street that used to run along the south side of the Main Stem of the Chicago River. This was not the market. The market was further west, but it was (forcibly) moved so they could build Wacker Drive. South Water Street Market moved to South Water Market.
Dennis DeBruler I'm discovering that the links the LoC generates are temporary and a couple of days ago Facebook decided that comments with links are spam. So this link to your photo is testing two different issues: https://www.loc.gov/item/2017853534/
Dennis DeBruler IC did have an icing platform close to Michigan Avenue: http://industrialscenery.blogspot.com/.../ic-icing... as part of their freight terminal complex.
Dennis DeBruler But this track may be further east of the icing platform next to one of the many freight houses in this area: http://industrialscenery.blogspot.com/.../ic-freight...

Dennis DeBruler More information on the South Water markets: http://industrialscenery.blogspot.com/.../chicago-produce...
David Daruszka commented on his posting
[This shows that handling refers close to Michigan Avenue got them as close as the IC could get to the South Water Street Market.]

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