Sunday, August 21, 2016

At least 8% Wheel Slippage is Good

Kyle Sobania posted:
When plowing last weekend with my model R I was in 2nd gear pulling 4-16s I had zero slippage. Are you suppose to have some slippage? My front tires came off the ground a few times only a inch or so but no spin thanks.
Most  of the comments indicate you do want some slippage. I would have never guessed that. Actual numbers offered by the comments vary between 5-8%. One comment pointed out that if you are slipping, you know all of your horsepower is going to the ground. As long as it is moderate, you are productive.
An article indicates it varies by soil type. Since a tractor is not going to be pulling a plow through concrete, the slippage should be at least 8%.

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