Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Steam Powered SawMills

Screenshot from video
Screenshot from video
The video above is the only one I have seen with a reciprocating saw.

Even though it really bugs me when a cell phone user won't turn their phone 90-degrees to get a horizontal view of a horizontal scene, I include the one on the right because you can hear the tractor chug harder as it cuts the last board in the shot.

There are a lot of circular saws on You Tube such as the Old Farm Show channel. This video should get you started.

Below are a couple of the videos I took at the 2014 Hesston Steam Museum Show that has a 60" saw blade and a permanent steam engine and boiler.

This is a screenshot from another one of  my videos of the Hesston saw near the end of a wide board.

There are so many videos of smaller saws at steam traction shows that I didn't even bother to video the saw mill at the 2016 Sycamore Steam Show.

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John Abbott posted two photos.

Robt Bernstein commented on John's posting
A photograph of the blades at the mill when it closed down (I don't know if these were smaller than the blades from 30 years previous when i worked there):

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