Friday, August 19, 2016

Lake Street Swing Bridge

(This swing bridge was replaced by the 1916 trunnion bridge so no satellite image exists.)

Jeff Nichols -> Forgotten Chicago
Lake Street bridge, 1909. Chicago History Museum, DN-0007256
Chicago History Museum via DNAinfo, 1909

This 1870 photo of Wolf Point captures an older version of this bridge in the foreground. And some of the boat traffic that used to be on the Chicago River.
William Russ posted

William Shapotkin posted
How many of you were aware that initial operation of trains over the LAKE ST 'L' (Ok, some of you may know it as "The Green Line") were behind steam? Here is a postcard view of a LAKE ST train x/o over the South Branch of the Chicago River. Photo probably taken shortly after regularly-scheduled operations began November 6, 1893. Wm Shapotkin Collection.

David Daruszka updated
The Lake Street Elevated swing bridge. It was replaced by the present day trunnion bascule bridge.

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