Monday, August 1, 2016

Some JI Case Steam Tractors

Other brands of steam traction engines

Gary Yaeger posted
150 hp Case #14,666 pulling four water filled 15 hp Case engines up "the hill" at the JI Case factory at Racine, Wisconsin.
Gary Yaeger posted
Loading a brand new 65 hp Case atop a railroad flat car at the JI Case factory at Racine, Wisconsin.
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At the 2016 Sycamore Steam Show.

I caught this Case working out in the field later in the afternoon (see further below).

I thought vertical tillage was a new concept. But these closeups of the implement indicate subsoiling or "deep tillage" was sometimes done during the steam era. Looking at the closeups, I believe the reason the rider is holding on the rope is to trip a release and allow the blade to come out of the ground if it hits a big rock. With lots of horsepower, you don't want to discover what will break if a big rock deep in hard ground won't move.

At the end of a pass, they spent quite a bit of time waiting.  At the end of the second pass I learned why --- they shovel more coal on the fire. I don't believe they shovel while pulling down the field. The main reason I took this picture was to record how long the harrow spike was.

The blade does leave a ridge. I think the main reason they were using a subsoil tool instead of a plow to demonstrate the tractors in field operations is that they field was rather skinny and they can do a lot more passes with the blade than they could do with the multi-bottom plow that some of these tractors could pull. Note that this is probably the only wheat field in the county. Most fields in Illinois are either corn or soybeans.
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A 110 hp Case freighting in Browning, Montana.

At the Hesston Steam Museum 2014 Labor Day Weekend

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