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Lost/Illinois Traction McKinley Bridge in Peoria, IL

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This is another Rail Bascule Bridge. It was built in 1907 and closed to traffic in 1951.

The lost TP&W Bridge is also in these photos since they were close together.

Mike Osuchowski shared

D Scott Kramer posted
Here's a nice aerial view of Peoria, IL and East Peoria, IL looking toward the southwest. The lowest bridge in the photo is the Franklin Street Bridge followed by TP&W's bridge over the Illinois River. The Illinois Terminal / Illinois Traction System Bridge is also still in place just past the TP&W bridge (which places the photo pre-1950). Hope you all enjoy this view as much as I do - there's a lot to see!
Dean Cunningham: In the early 1970's a westerly pier of the TP&W Railroad bridge was destroyed by a barge traveling down the Illinois River. About one hour prior to the piers destruction I was inspecting it's pier cap that was loose and also the track alignment on the bridge. I had returned to the General Office when I got a call from the bridge tower operator that a barge had struck the pier I was inspecting and it was now in the river. It was a very cold day, not a good day to go swimming!!!!!

Larry Miller III posted
From this photo essay of the Peoria journal Star on the building of the Murray Baker Bridge.…/…/20180712/NEWS/712009997/PH/1…
[The piers of the Illinois Terminal Bridge still exist in this photo.]

Mike Raia posted
TP&W 80 Eastbound through Peoria, IL on 5-27-37. Paul Stringham photo-Raia collection
Larry Miller III: The Illinois Terminal interurban bridge to the left and the powerhouse in the background. I would guess that Paul Stringham was shooting the Franklin Street Bridge for this shot. Great photo!
Dean Cunningham: I was inspecting this bridge before a barge knocked it into the river in the 1970's. I will need to look up the date to know what winter day it was.
[Other comments indicated a barge knocked this bridge into the river on Feb 12, 1970.]

Larry Miller III shared two photos from Retro Peoria posting:
Peoria, IL 1940's. Wallace Station in background. Illinois Terminal McKinley and TP&W railroad bridges. Not sure which of the many railroads the steam locomotive belongs to. - John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library
[The comments indicate the engine is a TP&W 4-8-4.]
David JordanDavid is an administrator in this group. Vantage point is probably the TP&W offices in P&PU's Union Depot.
David Jordan In the first photo, you can see the tender and part of the engine just coming off the TP&W bridge.

Marilyn Leyland Note little white Ritschel Coal Co. building in background, with coal piles

Larry Miller III posted
Illinois River Bridge July 1968 - photographer unknown.
Tell-tales? Would they still be in use in 1968?
Dennis DeBruler: It looks like the river was running rather high.
Michael Matalis: Maybe, there was no benefit in taking them down until they had to.
Dennis DeBruler: Running boards were still required on boxcars in the 1960s. It wasn't air brakes that got rid of them, it was dynamic brakes. And, of course, the diesel revolution had to happen before dynamic brakes could happen.
Joseph Tuch Santucci: Many railroads did not have dynamic brakes on their diesel power. Personal injuries got rid of tuning board on boxcar roofs. Railroads began implementing rules about staying off car roofs by the late 1960’s.
Patrick Cooney: Neat to see the remains of the McKinley Bridge in the background.

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