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Tower A-5/Pacific Junction: Metra/Milw vs. Aban/Milw/C&P

(CRJ; Satellite)
NorthAmericanInterlockings:   2004   1983   control panel
Chicago and Northern Indiana Railroad Interlocking Towers (click the marker for the correct information)

Dave Durham posted
CM&St.P, Pacific Junction, 1899.


Steven J Brown posted
Amtrak Empire Builder #7 at Tower A5/Pacific Junction (where the Milwaukee Road North and West lines split) in Chicago, Illinois - June 15, 2002.

Robert Jordan posted
December 1971, at Tower A-5 near NW side of Chicago.
Guess most are familiar with A-5 but JIC , train is coming down mainline from Glenview and Milwaukee toward western Ave and Union Station. Line to photo left goes to Galewood and Bensenville. Track to right goes east crossing C & NW at CY, North Branch of Chicago River to Division Street Yard. Guessing on Empire builder, would be almost dark for NCH.
At this time there still was business at Division Street with a transfers from Bensenville which I caught at night once and yard jobs at Division Street which I was lucky to catch one pleasant afternoon.
""We don't take a lunch. We don't slow down much to pick you up like Bensenville(Head Breakman) and we have several drops to make, do you know how that goes, make sure you get the pin." Was home well before dark.

Lance Wales posted
Tower A5 was still open in August of 2012 as a MD North train wizzes by during a Sunday afternoon.

Birds Eye View
It is interesting that this tower is still left because the Blomington Line to the east, and thus the diamond, has been abandoned long enough to turn it into the 606 Trail. And why do they still have the turnouts to the East?

The east/west line was originally the Chicago and Pacific. It was acquired by Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul in 1870s according to a comment by Bob Lalich that I have seen in another Facebook posting. That comment also indicated that C&P had the Chicago & Evanston route.
David Schultz commented on his posting
This is Tower A5 CTC panel.

David Schultz commented on his posting

Eric Berg posted
Tower A5 interior in 1971. Photographer unknown. Maybe someone remembers this guy....
Bob Lalich I believe the photographer is Larry Sallee.

William Smiljanich posted
Iconic smokestack of the Springfield Avenue Pumping Station at Springfield Ave and Bloomingdale Ave to be taken down to reduce the station's carbon footprint. This is all part of a multimillion update and renovation of the pumping station. Good news is that when they are done, they city will renovate and expand Beilfuss Park, next door.
William Smiljanich Just west of the 606 trailhead.
[The photo was taken west of this signalling bridge looking East.]
Val Gintter commented on William's post
Here's a shot I took in 1950 in the opposite direction from Lawndale Avenue. I took it with a Kodak Baby Brownie Special (designed by Walter Teague). Note the commuter train about to turn south onto the main line.

Steven J. Brown posted
Metra SW1500 6 (built 1968 as Inland Steel 120) setting out a hopper at Pacific Junction/Tower A5 in Chicago, Illinois - June 16, 2002.
Marshall Beecher I should check the timebooks..coulda been me working the tower.
Fred Mohr Now is sitting at the Rocket House OOS with a B/O motor along with the 8.
Don't know if they will be traded in on NIRC 12 and 13.

Steven J. Brown shared
Rick La Fever What would METRA be doing with a hopper car?
Jeff Lackman ballast
Rod Truszkowski They have work trains for track maintenance.

Video of Soo 1003 at A5.

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