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BNSF/Santa Fe Bridge over Illinois River at Chillicothe, IL

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Birds-Eye View
It is interesting that Chillicothe has a rail bridge, but no road bridge. Looking north of the current bridge on a satellite image, it appears that at least two other bridges used to cross the river. You would think they would have turned one of those old rail alignments into a road across the river. Long embankments across the flood plain were used so that the bridge is high above the river. This means that the main span does not need to be movable.

A video of an eastbound BNSF double stack crossing the bridge. (source)

Bill Molony posted
Five EMD F-units roll the eastbound Santa Fe Super Chief - El Capitan across the Illinois River near Chillicothe in October of 1964.
Jerry Jackson commented on the above posting
SW Chief 1989.
Jerry Jackson posted
An even sturdier bridge, unless I didn't get the news. I think it's still standing, I think. Amtrak's inbound Southwest Chief is crossing the Illinois River, Chillicothe, IL. I wanna say this was 1989/90 when the ATSF owned the rail!
David Daruszka The center structure is a camel back truss bridge connected on either end by deck type truss bridges
Robby Gragg That bridge is still there but highly inaccessible, sadly
Jerry JacksonJerry and 1 other manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for Chicagoland Railfan. I drove in through the Duck Club that was there at the time
Davis Shroomberg The only access roads in now are gated. Even so, doesn't look like anything I'd want to attempt when it's muddy.
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Shawn Volpe Looking eastwardMike Martin Amtrak speed limit is 79 while fastest freight limit is 70 on Chilli Sub. Gearing will limit freight speed but 75 might be doable. Road network to chase trains on Chilli Sub is horrendous! I chased Milwaukee #261 from Chilli to Media one time. He slowed down in Galesburg enough so I could get the trestle shot at Media.
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Three of the photos posted by Jeff Vonk.



Carl Venzke posted
Chillicothe, Illinois. Crossing the Illinois River along the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, between Chicago and Chillicothe, Illinois - Jack Delano photo - March 1943

Roger Holmes posted
This BNSF eastbound has just passed through the town of Chillicothe, Illinois on the morning of Saturday May 4, 2019. The Illinois River is 8+ feet above flood stage at this point.

2:46 YouTube drone vide of several different trains crossing the bridge, 6-6-21

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