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IHB Burnham (State Line) Yard

B&OCT Map, 134th is 136th in Indiana
First of all, this yard should not be confused with the nearby South Shore Freight Burnham Yard. Secondly, some people call it the IHB State Line Yard. Nor should it be confused with the IHB Calumet City Yard, which some people also call the State Line Yard.

Unlike many yards in the Chicagoland area, I see from the satellite image that this yard still has all of its longer tracks.

Some switching moves at IHB state line yard, late afternoon Thursday July 27 2017.....#1 and #2.

Update: Arturo Gross' 2017 Flickr photo shows the yard in the background.
Screenshot @ -1:19 from Marty Gatton video
IHB 1511 heads north on the IHB Wolf Lake branch with tank cars destined for the Unilever plant.
8:15 am Tuesday March 13, 2018
Marty Gatton I saw her pulling out of State Line yard as I was coming from getting the time I got turned around she was crossing 134th street and didn't get the phone out in time...
Dennis DeBruler,-87.../data=!3m1!1e3
Marty Gatton Dennis DeBruler ....follow the tracks n/b on the google map and you catch a glimpse of Cargill's (Former American Maize) switchers
Marty Gatton [directions for a railfan coming from Indianapolis] 65 to 90 (toll road)

Exit 5, Calumet avenue....

Turn right at end of ramp (westbound) onto 141st street 

141st to Hohman Av....turn right (northbound). Hohman meets with and becomes Sheffield Av at 137th...continue 1 block to 136th and turn left...

You will cross two branches about a half mile down (both come out of IHB state line yard) the first serves a couple plants off of Sheffield....the second bisects Wolf Lake, through a Cargill plant off of Indianapolis Boulevard and meets with the NS near their Colehour yard...

If you continue w/b on 136th you cross the state line and the road becomes 134th street....

Continue w/b to Avenue O (stoplight) and turn right....(northbound) to 126th. (Stoplight)

Turn right into William Powers State Recreation area....

Follow the road to the left and you will make your way to the video location

Wayne Evans Been there done that. made a pull from that Shore Line yard over the lake to old PRR/NYC yards over by Leaver Brothers. Also been fishing out there when a train would come thru. Back in the old days.

Craig Cloud Loads/Empties?

Wayne Evans Could be either one-- this was taken at the North end of the lake.

Scott Malec The east side of the plant [Unilever] by the Amtrak station always smells fresh and clean while the west side of the plant by the casino ramp smells like an open sewer.

Marty Gatton Scott Malec the foul odor is from Cargill (former American Maize - Amaizo)

Ean Kahn-Treras this is way too neat. State Line Yard always has a plethora of cars, yet a lot of the territory to the north is back in the swamp and hard to observe. It is busy back there than most folks would think.

Marty Gatton Kevin Vahey this was shot in William Powers State Recreation area (wolf lake) closer to Amaizo/Cargill than to the state line yard....

Jacob Diorio posted
IHB 1503 and 1515 chill in Burnham Yard along the state line. Burnham 9/15/20

Michael Miller posted
Another slide in my collection, however the location written on the slide never seemed right to me.  It said Michigan Avenue, East Chicago, November 23 1984.
However,  I recently received a large collection of Trains Magazines and the March 1986 issue the main article is about the Indiana Harbor Belt, and page 27 as the same equipment lined up but from a different angle and lists it as Burnham Yard.
[Several comments agree it is Burnham Yard.]
Mike Breski: Smoke stack from the old Taylor Chain factory in the background.

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