Monday, August 14, 2017

Matteson Crossing: CN/EJ&E vs. CN/IC

Kevin Piper posted a history and several photos.


Kevin Piper posted
This is the elaborate junction buiilt by CN to connect EJ&E to the old IC at Matteson, IL. Looking south.
James L. Ludwig CN has put the new connections on a railfan's diet-the north wye is designated as CP Swede and the south wye is CP Lowe. Sweet & Lowe.
Gregg Wolfersheim In the upper right of the pic is Harris. This takes you south to Stunkel. Speed limit on the "loop" is 15MPH.

Kevin Piper posted
Action at Matteson. EJ&E 305 is making a set out at the IC interchange yard, while a State Line coal empty with run-through GM&O GP35's for Joliet, and an IC transfer job with GP9 9015 waits in the clear. Today, all three railroads are a part of CN, and the junction here is a big new multi-directional connection. 4-16-67. LOUIS CERNY PHOTO
Michael Steffen Matteson siding, like the one at Chicago Heights, was located between the eastbound and westbound mains.

Mark Hinsdale posted three photos with the comment:
Canadian National Inspection Train
For the second consecutive day, a company inspection train has visited Chicagoland. Yesterday, Union Pacific ran one through on its northbound trek; today, CN came south with one on its journey from Stevens Point WI to Champaign IL. Here are views on the Matteson IL "cloverleaf."


Google Satellite
Somebody, Park Forest?, built an elaborate railpark on the south side of the rail embankment. Looking at a Google satellite image, it was added after the junction was finished. This is the first time that I have seen a Bing image that is newer than a Google image. Google claims a 2017 copyright for the image, but the viewing platform was built before 2017.
Bing Satellite
The Birds-Eye View is old enough to show the lay of the land before the cloverleaf was built.

Birds-Eye View
I have a separate posting on the railfanning aspects of this junction.

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