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LeMoyne Junction: BRC vs CN/GM&O/Alton

(no CRJ, Satellite)

(Update: This GM&O crossing, along with the Santa Fe crossing, was considered just one junction, Leymone, by BRC. But I'm keeping this GM&O posting and the Santa Fe Nerska posting separate because most railfan photos are of one crossing or the other. Many people consider LeMoyne to be the GM&O crossing because GM&O evidently also used that name whereas Santa Fe used the name Nerska for their crossing.)

Arthur Gross Flickr photos: looking South from the Stevenson,     looking North from grade level (You can see the top of the bridge in the background under ther Stevenson overpass.)

Dan Quinlan posted
Chicago, Il looking north bridge is over sanitary shipping canal! Pre I55 @ Cicero ave Lemoyne/Nerska interlocker. BNSF (AT&SF) crosses e-w!
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP

CreateProgram, GS9

John DeWit Woodlock II posted two photos with the comment: "CC 8033,1593,1788 @ LeMoyne Jct-Chicago,IL 13 FEB 96." Note the BRC Bridge over the Sanitary & Ship Canal in the background of the first photo.


You may wonder what a photo at the Ash Street Crossing with the 8-track bridge in the background is doing in the Lemoyne Junction notes. The reason is because of the comment saying the GM&O train was coming from BRC. This train is northeast of Glenn Yard and BRC's Clearing Yard is south of Glenn Yard. The comments taught me that this train probably delivered a transfer cut to C&NW or Milwaukee Road and is headed south to Glenn Yard via Brighton Park. The comments also indicate that transfers from Glenn Yard to Clearing Yard require a backing (shoving) move. I noticed the caboose is an example of a transfer caboose, not a road caboose.
David Daruszka edited a photo posted by Bill Molony
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Alco RS-1 #1107 returning empty handed to Glenn Yard after setting out a cut of cars on the Belt Railway of Chicago - August 10, 1971.
Dennis DeBrulerYou and 1 other manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for Chicago Railroad Historians. Bob Lalich There is not a northwest connector at Lemoyne Junction, so maybe the Alton-BRC transfers did take a circle tour of Chicagoland using the B&OCT. A missing connection now doesn't mean there wasn't one in 1971. But there was no connection in 1938 because of the I&M Canal. Track not existing in 1938 generally means track did not exist in 1971.
Bob Lalich There was a connecting track between GM&O and BRC in the SE quadrant at Lemoyne. I think GM&O transfers would have set out at Lemoyne, but could have gone to Clearing via that connection. A GM&O light train SB at Ash St likely delivered to CNW or Milwaukee Road and was returning to home rails at Brighton Park.
Dennis DeBrulerYou and 1 other manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for Chicago Railroad Historians. I see the caboose is an example of a transfer caboose instead of a road caboose.
Zaky Joseph posted four photos with the comment: "Older BRC action, around Lemoyne, and in the west yard."





Ken Schmidt posted
While accidents are unpleasant, they are indeed part of the railroad story.
Here (and here being where the ICG crosses the BRC in Chicago) in 1990, an IC job was going east and did not see the signals due to the sun angle.
It was a GTW train they hit which was on it's way to the BN.
No injuries as I recall.
Dennis DeBruler Was the BRC crossing the former ICwest or former GM&O?
Ken Schmidt It was the former GM&O.

Bob Kalal posted three Howard Castellucio photos of trains on the bridge. Some more photos by Howard labelled as Lemoyne.

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