Thursday, August 31, 2017

L&N/Monon Paoli Trestle over a valley

(Bridge Hunter, Old Bridge Hunter)

Most large trestle bridges have at least a little stream under them, but this seems to normally have no water running under it.
Satellite, West at the top
The original wooden trestle was built in 1886.
Photo from Bridge Hunter
It was replaced in 1904 and removed in 1982 since it was on a Monon branch that served the resort towns of West Baden and French Lick. It was 870 feet long and 85 feet high.
Dennis Matthews posted
The Paoli Trestle
The French Lick local originated at Bedford for operating reasons, Orleans no longer had servicing facilities for the train. For a branch of negligible freight traffic, the French Lick line had one tremendous structure, the Paoli Trestle. Occupying it is an inspection train of 1947 with office car 90 on the rear.
Nick Ellermann Is the word Purdue on the side of the trestle graffiti?
Robert Brummett posted
Paoli Steel Trestle, 1909 postcard

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