Saturday, December 28, 2019

B&OCT and IHB Whiting Yards

B&OCT Whiting Yard: (Satellite)
IHB Whiting Yard: (Satellite)

Dennis DeBruler posted two images with the comment:
What was the name of the B&OCT yard shown in red on the first map? The reason I ask is that I noticed on a 1960 Whiting Quadrangle @ 1:24,000 that there used to be a roundhouse south of 121st Street along this yard. And because, according to a satellite image, some of the tracks still exist and handle tank cars for the BP refinery. The historic aerials web site does not show the roundhouse in a 1959 image, but it does show it in a 1952 image.
David Hersrud I believe that was called EAST CHICAGO YARD?
Andre Kristopans East Chicago Yard is the one on the east-west line south of there. This is Whiting Yard.
[Note the green yard a little further East is IHB's Whiting Yard.]


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