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Abandoned/Continental C House and C-T-C #1 Laker

(see below for satellite image)

Continental used to lease this elevator as well as the former Glidden Elevator. This one was referred to as House C and the other one was House B. The other one is still operational, but this one has been abandoned since Continental allowed their lease to expire. I've noticed that most Seaway ships are now loaded in Toledo, OH at ADM, Andersons, and Cargill, which is operated by Andersons.
1990s photo provided by Greg White

I saved the satellite image because the Laker is supposed to be towed away for scrapping in 2020.
3D Satellite
[The two marine unloaders are still intact.]
The grain elevator is owned by the Illinois International Port.
3D Satellite

The Laker was built in 1942 as one of 16 war time iron ore freighters. "The ship continued to ferry bulk materials around the Great Lakes until 1980, when it was converted into a cement storage facility, a job it stopped doing in 2009." [WBEZ]

What appears to be a self-unloading boom on C-T-C #1 is rather short. Grain freighters don't need a long boom because they unload into a hopper on the side of a grain elevator. But this boat was never used for grain. Its last function was cement storage and transfer. [Boatnerd]
John Jacob, Oct 2019, cropped

Chicago Woodsman, Oct 2018, cropped
[I question if this is the same ship. 1) I thought the freighter at the grain elevator has been there for years. 2) It doesn't have enough rust. 3) It still has quite a bit of equipment on top of the bridge.]

The freighter is getting some attention because it is supposed to be scrapped in 2020. I thought about driving there to get my own photos. But the circles of barb wire on top of the fence confirms my theory that it is not worth the drive because I won't be able to get very close to it.
safe_image for NWItimes (source)

Gabriel Stokes posted
This is a borrowed photo, (haven't been up by here in a while, sorry!) But I just recently read the story of the Frank Purnell, aka CTC 1, the old lake ship rusting in Lake Calumet, at the Port of Chicago. I had seen it when I worked on the river, but didn't know the story until recently. Any newer pictures would be appreciated!
Pete DePaoli It's to be scrapped next year, estimates say itll bring about 600k for scrap metal.
Chris Nighswonger Audio interview says too much asbestos to make money on scrapping.
Ronald Joseph James I have a video of it on my YouTube page @SocialWreckUrbEx

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idaillinois photo showing two ships at each elevatorA photo of just this elevator  There are other 1960 photos of Port District at Lake Calumet such as a ship handling barrels. No wonder containers made the St. Lawrence Seaway obsolete.

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