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Harbor Bridges and crane accident in Corpus Christi, TX

(no Bridge Hunter; see below for satellite image)
Travis Witt, CC BY-SA via Wikimedia

3D Satellite

Ted Knutsen posted

The country is loosing another truss arch bridge to a cable stay bridge.
I find the claim of 170 years instead of 150 years to be interesting. It implies a level of accuracy that I seriously doubt. One of the reasons why they are adding a bike and pedestrian path to the new bridge instead of usinv the old bridge for that is because the clearance of the old bridge is only 138'. [HarborBridgeProject-overview] The clearance of the new bridge will be 205'. [Wikipedia]

Chuck Ellis posted two photos [Dec 2019].
Bridge job in Corpus.
David Mehaffey I was working with a company in el paso running a 150 linkbelt 2 craning bridge beams with a 300 ton. He shoved the load to me because he refused to boom up when he swung. He pushed me 12,000 lbs out of chart and smoked the boom with the beam. The guy did it twice.

When I did a google search to learn about the new bridge, there were some videos offered about the wreck. After I determined that no one was injured, I quit looking at them because I'm sure the only crane related information offered is that "it is under investigation." Of more interest were the links indicating that designing the bridge was halted in Nov, 2019. The replacement bridge is being designed by FIGG. I recognize FIGG because they designed the replacement for the Waldo-Hancock Suspension Bridge and, more significantly, they designed the FIU bridge that collapsed a few days after it was moved into position and killed six people. TxDOT suspended the design work while they reviewed the NTSB report. The root cause of the FIU failure was a design error by FIGG. (As I discuss in the above referenced notes, other errors contributed to the deaths such as a rubber stamp review and making an unreviewed repair over live traffic. Four or five agencies had responsibility for safety and had the authority to stop traffic under the bridge. But all of them chose to ignore that the growing cracks in the bridge were an indication of a fundamental design error.) Ground was broken on the $930m project in Aug, 2016. TxDOT is admitting the project, which includes over six miles of new road as well as the bridge, is already two years behind schedule. [Caller, pay count of five. This article has 107 photos of the bridge construction.] "FIGG's Texas bridge projects include the Houston Ship Channel Bridge and the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Port Arthur, Texas." [ConstructionDive]

Flatiron/Dragados, the project contractor

This simple drawing shows the size difference between the old Harbor Bridge and the new one under construction in Corpus Christi. Courtesy photo
[As of June 12, 2020, it was two years behind and completion is still "a few more years away." They still had not selected a new engineer of record after firing FIGG in January 2020. Fortunately, within a couple of months they had selected Arup-CFC. "Once completed, the Harbor Bridge will be the largest cable-stay bridge in the nation." [ccbiznews-July]]

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  1. what do you think about the New Harbor Bridge in CC? Two years behind schedule, now estimated to cost one billion dollars and all this to get 52 feet water draft/181 air draft? The off shore terminal will allow unlimited draft and 75 feet of water... rendering the bridge and Sean Strawbridge's dream obsolete, right?