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Goff Junction: EJ&E vs. South Shore and City Track


George M Stupar posted
1980 Gary IN, Monstrous 88' 10" electric freight motor 803 is seen working at Goff on Gary's east side.
Miguel Chairshiseetos Class 800 or Little Joe
R. Scott Sulich Miguel Chairshiseetos both
Dennis DeBruler I learned of Goff and the junction with EJ&E's City Track just a couple of weeks ago. It is nice to see what it looked like.,-87.../data=!3m1!1e3

Charles Rothbart posted his Flickr photo
Two years ago when I was in Chicago we shot a westbound coal train with UP power on the South Shore Railway in Ogden Dunes. I assume this was coming from the NIPSCO plant in Michigan City. How was this train routed past where we shot it? I'm not aware of an obvious connection from the South Shore to the UP, but I could be missing something.
Kevin Vahey they used to go via CN/The J to West Chicago, now we get them off the BRC.
Joel Kirchner Back during CNW days, CSS would deliver the trains to Proviso with their own power.
Matt Lastovich CSX Miller is strictly CSX trains for Arcelor Mittal. The NORX (NIPSCO) trains come via the BRC with DP’ed UP power. We also get NORX trains from the NS at Millers (CP 490-492) and we have BNSF/CP trains that come from Canada via the BRC for Arcelor. Those are run with CSS power and are 98% nocturnal.
The NORX trains with UP power would come via The J at West Chicago to Goff (City Track) but due to our traffic increase with CN at Kirk yard they now come via the BRC.
Matthew S. Smith Matt Lastovich is the CSS going to Clearing to get them? I can't recall seeing any sitting and waiting on the city track anymore especially sense the CSS took over the city track.
Matt Lastovich No, we pick them up at Pullman.
Dennis DeBruler NIPSCO now plans to close Michigan City in 2028. Some are pressing for this plant to be closed before Schahfer is closed.
None of my regular references for Chicagoland junctions listed Goff. But this reference allowed me to find it.
Dennis DeBruler commented on Charles' post
 Is this goff?,-87.../data=!3m1!1e3

So the coal trains have to pull into Kirk Yard and then change direction to get onto the Outer Belt? That would explain why Kirk congestion impacted this routing.,-87.../data=!3m1!1e3

The satellite caught a coal train setting on what I presume is the City Track.,-87.../data=!3m1!1e3

Matt Lastovich Dennis DeBruler good job doing the homework. The answer to all three questions is yes!

Dennis DeBruler commented on Charles' post
Thanks to taxpayer's money, there is a good connection between IHB+BRC and UP.

But how does the CSS and BRC connect? Do they use the IC to get to Pullman Junction? If so, doesn't the train still have to change direction to use the belt railroad?
Ean Kahn-Treras The connection at Burnside is on the north side of the BRC embankment. No direct access from the south as that ramp up to the BRC feeds into the ex-NKP trackage to Calumet Yard. No crossovers allow movement to the BRC from the south side.
Matt Lastovich Dennis DeBruler yep, we either shove up or shove off the Belt with manifest and coal. CN refers to that little area as Fordham.
Dennis DeBruler And shoving (backing) on the northeast quadrant rather than using the southeast quadrant leaves the train in the correct direction for the trip around the belt.,-87.../data=!3m1!1e3

Ean Kahn-Treras big guy, are both the north side and south side connection called Fordham?
Matt Lastovich CN actually has a power switch and signals that Desk 2 operates on that south east connection, it’s called 95th St on the sign.
Matt Lastovich Markham General “runs” track 3 and north of 95th Markham runs 4, 3 and Fordham.

George M Stupar posted
3-25-2020, Gary (east side) IN, Coil train on the City Track.
Dennis DeBruler A demonstration that South Shore, instead of EJ&E, now operates the City Track.

Another photo

According to some comments, this train is also on the City Track.
River Rail Photo posted
South Shore Saturday [Jan 16, 2021. Union Station in Gary, Indiana, a 111 year old Beaux-Arts Style building, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2019. It is in between and served the Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) the New York Central operated Lake South Shore & Michigan Southern line. It served the newly founded city of Gary, which was rising up near the US Steel Works. There has not been passenger service to this station in may years. Freight is operated by Anacostia Rail Holdings in cooperation with the South Shore passenger operator, the
South Shore Line
. Seen on Saturday, Decemeber 26, 2020, CSS 2005, 2009, and 2002 are all GP38-2s built in 1981 and have spent their whole career working here. The units have been painted in South Shore's orange, a throwback to the heyday of the area's Insull Interurbans.

Marc Glucksman shared
Tad Dunville
 South Shore Freight actually owns/leases the track he’s on from the EJE/CN. The CSX mainline is the two tracks closest to the depot.
The City Track used to be the J’s interchange up and over the complex at Pine Jct, towards the east to Curtis Yard and the B&O, and also the portion pictured here further east to the interchange track at Goff with the CSS, just east of the I-65 overpass.
South Shore Freight only established rights over the City Track about a year and a half ago.
I had no idea who was out there, I just looked out the window and saw a random drone following my train. Where’s the shot of me halfway out the window?
...wonderfully captivated Mr 
, timing is everything, I cannot imagine no vehicle traffic on I-90, amazing!!!

HalstEd Pazdzior posted
Chicago South Shore heading east past the ruins of Gary Union Station
Joe Millspaugh: With a Kirk bound coke train welded to the rail on #2 main. No where to go. Curtis yard is full. Lol
HalstEd Pazdzior: Joe Millspaugh yes sir. They had a crew though.
[The CSS now operates the former EJ&E City Track.]

Tad Dunville commented on Marc's share
Ean Kahn-Treras
 Totally forgot about that. Serves me right for moving south, I haven't seen a South Shore train in person since November. I don't think I've been aboard in over a year.
Also, I notice your NPS profile pic. Supposedly the Gary Union Station is the farthest west land of the Indiana Dunes NP now, on a very narrow spit of land. It would be cool to see the building renovated as the park headquarters, but perhaps it's too far away from the action to be useful.

George M Stupar posted
Line car 1100 is en route to its work site on the South Shore Line, as it speeds through Goff near the east side of Gary Indiana in 1979.

George M Stupar posted
Gary (Goff) Indiana, South Shore Line freight motor 802 is seen sorting out cars at around 0900 hrs in September 1978.

Marty Bernard posted
South Shore (CSS&SB) freight motor 802 waiting for a passenger train to pass near Gary, IN on 11/26/76.
Called 800s, not Little Joes, built by GE in 1949 for the USSR but the Cold War interrupted their shipment and they went to the Milwaukee Road and South Shore. The Milwaukee's were called Little Joes after Josef Stalin.
Paul Arden: Looks like Goff - the then interchange with the EJ&E.

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