Monday, June 1, 2020

Lake Bluff Tower: UP/C&NW vs. UP/C&NW

(Satellite, west of the tracks)
NorthAmericanInterlockings:  photo

William Shapotkin posted two photos with the comment:
It's amazing how your knowledge/interest on one railroad (or subject) can come in handy when trying to identify something on another railroad. For example: This slide of a trn of North Shore Line SILVERLINERS (operating in-place of an ELECTROLINER, which was probably being serviced that day) came to my attention. There was no location given or other information given on the slide mount, just the photo date, which was April 30, 1962.
It took a while, but after studying the photo a few times, I realized where the photo was taken and what direction it is traveling. The train is S/B approaching Lake Bluff from the north. What gave it away? Take a good look at the building at right -- it is none other than Lake Bluff Tower on the C&NW (see second photo). That tower (now long-gone) controlled the still-extant junction of the junction of the (now UP) Tower KO-Lake Bluff frt line with the psgr main here at Lake Bluff. Damn -- don't you just love this hobby?
1st Photo from the David Stanley Collection. Posted with Permission. Color Correction and other photo work by David Sadowski. 2nd Photo taken by Henry Wilhelm in 1928 -- from the website "North American Interlockings."


Dennis DeBruler commented on William's post
I think it was within the red rectangle of this 1939 aerial photo. Can you determine which blob it would be?
Sam Carlson Blobbification refuses magnification which hoses determination and blocks information....
Dennis DeBruler Sam Carlson Normally I can spot towers and depots with the help of their shadows. But the shadows did not make sense in this aerial. Thanks for looking.
Andy Smith My money is on the larger dark blob, second from the bottom of the red box.
Sam Carlson I asked a seasoned blobbernaut, and he agrees with Andy.

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