Sunday, June 21, 2020

Aban/Road Bridge over Elizabeth River in Elizabeth, NJ

(Bridge Hunter; no Historic Bridges; BridgesNYC3D Satellite)

Lots of closeup photos including some interior shots of the machinery room.

Joe Antonaccio posted three photos with the comment: "Went up the author kill today. Saw this bridge in port Elizabeth. Not sure there is even tracks still here as the park is on the right.
Dennis DeBruler I wonder if that bridge literally broke while being raised. I've never seen one abandoned in such a low position before. Or is it so weak they don't think it could handle the wind load if it was raised all of the way.
Brendan J Dock shared
1, cropped

2, cropped

3, cropped
I didn't notice the skewed end until I looked at the Bridge Hunter photos. Fortunately, I can capture the skewed end with a street view.
Street View
Note the CRCX/B&O Lift Bridge and the new Goethals Bridge in the background of the street view.

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